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District 3 Toastmasters: Where Leaders Are Made

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for a new experience? Are you ready to learn and grow on your Toastmaster
path? Are you ready to have more fun than you thought possible in just one weekend?

If you’re not ready……… you better get ready because it’s time to

Score Big With Toastmasters at
District 3 Spring Conference 2014!!

Alright, let’s talk. You’re saying to yourself, “Joe, what’s going to make this
Conference any different?”  And my response will be, “Everything!”

First, we are “upping our game”! A new hotel and new events to make your experience better than ever. We are hosting at the fabulous Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center, a bigger facility that is more in line with our growing needs as a district. Let’s face it, we keep growing and we need a bigger place to shine!

Are you or a friend receiving your DTM award this Spring? Then you will want to attend Friday night for a new and improved DTM Ceremony. We are talking Hall of Fame treatment to our newest inductees!

Our Saturday Keynote Speaker is none other than legendary basketball great and current Phoenix Suns TV analyst Eddie Johnson! Come and hear Eddie share with us how to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary!

Do you like Educational sessions? Then great ready for International Director   Don Griffith. Don will be giving an educational session that is sure to be a Home Run! Want more? How about sessions from Lynne Brasher and Emily Schwartz both former District 3 contest champions! They are sure to inspire everyone who attends.

Speaking of contests, you won’t want to miss the finals of the District 3 Tall Tales and International speech contests on Friday and Saturday nights respectively. These speakers are the best of the best and are the icing on the cake of an already great evening.

Do you have a sports team you love? Then show your spirit all day Saturday by wearing your favorite sports team jersey! Whether you like baseball, hockey or table tennis, our Score Big theme is geared toward you and the teams that you love! I’ll be wearing my 2001 D-backs World Series t-shirt and Championship ring. What will you wear on Saturday????

Sunday we have the biggest surprise of all! Hallie Adams has procured the preeminent team building and leadership experience in the country! The Drum Café is renowned for their interactive and teambuilding workshops and we got ‘em! Come to the Sunday Leadership Breakfast and join us in having not only a great experience, but one that you will talk about for years to come!

Never been to Conference before? This is the PERFECT time to start attending! Come have fun, learn and be inspired and while you’re at it, win a free conference package for next Fall. We love our First Timers! (And frankly, they love us.)

The Candidate Showcase on Saturday will be your chance to see and hear District 3 Candidates as they tell you why they should be elected to help move Toastmasters forward next year. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to meet and hear those running for office and if you are a President of V.P. of Education you need to be there to represent your club in the voting process!

Make sure your club is donating a basket for the Raffle Room. Make sure your club is there in force so you can scoop the coveted Club Pride award! Make sure you buy raffle tickets from our 50/50 raffle team! The prize was over $1,000.00 last time!

Just make sure you join us! May 2nd, 3rd, and 4th for District 3 Spring Conference!

Joe Paulsen
District 3 Spring Conference Chair

Joe Paulsen

District 3 Monthly Member Message

District Governor's Welcome

Ryan Avery is returning to AZ!

DON’T HESITATE!  325 of the 500 FREE Phoenix are taken and 150 of the 500 FREE Tucson tickets are taken.

Due to popular demand, Ryan is returning to Arizona. 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking Ryan Avery is presenting FREE workshops in Tucson and Phoenix.

Phoenix, Monday April 28 6:30 to 8:30pm
See the flyer (PDF) for more info.
FREE registration for the Phoenix event here.

Tucson, Tuesday April 29 6:30 to 8:30pm
See the flyer (PDF) for more info.
FREE registration for the Tucson event here.

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Emi Bauer
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